I’ll tell you how to hit the beat, Superman!

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Like all married couples, my wife and I tend to speak in a personal kind of shorthand, references and asides that usually make sense only to us. One that tends to come up pretty often is, “Everyone has their ‘Superman.'” Seeing as how it name-checks that paragon of selfless heroism and OG anchor baby status, you’d probably think this is a good thing.

And you would be wrong.

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé is a world-renowned pop singer who in 1979 released a dog of hell called “Super Superman,” essentially declaring war on anyone with hearing or a talent for sensing vibrations. This song is … well, it’s a terrible song. Just terrible.


And now a word from Ultron-12

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Panels from The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2 (of 12)
Steve Englehart, writer; Richard Howell, penciler; L. Lois Buhalis, letterer