Calling it: The future of The New 52

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After months of consternation, hand-wringing, relentless hype and flat-out despair, the relaunch of the DC Universe begins today with the publication of Justice League #1, a single issue that will be followed by 51 more #1s throughout September.

I’ll admit to being firmly on the fence about “The New 52.” My gut reaction is to hate it, and as an overall concept I generally think it’s a mostly pointless idea being executed in a short-sighted way. Changes could have been done much less drastically (though that wouldn’t have attracted the media attention DC is no doubt clawing for), and some changes already being made put things on a good track. Chris Roberson’s work on Superman comes to mind, in particular.

On the other hand, a new direction can be a good thing, especially when it means reimagining or repurposing characters that have been withering on the multiversal vine for a while. The reboot is giving long-standing characters like Aquaman and Hawkman a shot in the arm, while also making room for largely disregarded (but fan-favorite)├é┬ácharacters including O.M.A.C.; Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.; and basically every magic-user in the DCU. Personally, I’m excited as hell to see Blue Beetle and Static making a comeback.

With the New 52 being both a Good Thing and a Bad Thing, it makes sense to think some of the titles will survive, some will struggle and some will just have to be put out of everyone’s misery. I’m not usually the kind of guy to make outrageous claims, but what the hell – here are my predictions for the future of The New 52.

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Adventures in Sound #30

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Panel from Avengers: The Coming of the Beast
Artist: George Tuska

Meanwhile, at a major metropolitan newspaper

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So my wife and I were re-watching The Hudsucker Proxy the other day when I came to a realization: If Jennifer Jason Leigh’s and John Mahoney’s characters weren’t inspired at least a little by Perry White and Lois Lane …

… I will eat my hat. And I’ll be honest – my hat is disgusting. But c’mon, Amy Archer even has the matching initials thing going on! Mahoney’s character is billed simply as “Chief.” Chief!

I tell ya, I’d stake my Pulitzer on it.