Merry Christmas, you crazy ducks!

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Howard the Duck Special Christmas Issue
Artist: Al Milgrom


If writing about writing is a sin, I’m the Devil

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This is how this post was going to happen: I was going to apologize to all six of you for the spottiness of this blog over the past year-plus and give a cagey explanation for it, talk about how discouraging writing in a vacuum can be, and then promise to do better. But after some thought, I realized all that could be summarized pretty easily:

Wah, wah, wah.

Instead I’ll just say that I’ve been busy with personal stuff that is, by definition, none of your business. And yes, writing without feedback can get frustrating, but not as frustrating as the cliquishness of the comic book blogging community (imagine the high school hierarchy of the cool and uncool; now imagine everyone is still a nerd and you’re halfway there). Ultimately, though, that’s all bullshit. I write because I want to — because I have to — so I should really just relax about it.

Pheeew. Aaaahhh.

I do promise to be better about updating and writing more actual “content,” though. That’s a promise to myself as much as it is to you. I’ll still be writing about comics, but I’ll also be writing about a lot of other, mostly geeky things I enjoy or find interesting. If you’d like to stick around, that would be great — from the beginning the purpose of this blog has been to connect, to discuss and to participate in a like-minded community.

So to all six of you — thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.



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Sorry about the latest extended silence from the Post, kids, but your ol’ Uncle Max has been … busy.


Content will be coming soon!

Panel from Howard the Duck
Published in The Comics Journal, No. 37
Steve Gerber, writer; Gene Colan, artist