That’s Ms. Wonder Woman to you, pal

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I’m probably coming to this late (in fact, I know I am), but I just saw this in a bookstore the other day and thought it was pretty neat.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Ms. magazine went back to the Wonder Woman cover of its first full issue for inspiration and came up with a call-back provided by Mike Allred. It is, as usual, beautiful work by Allred, but the folks at ThinkProgress have an interesting take on it and also provide some insight into the original. Context — who knew? (The comments are worth taking a look at, too — they’re a good reminder of how comics can look to people who aren’t immersed in them all the time.)

It’s also worth noting that one of the most well-known images of Wonder Woman isn’t even from a comic book, which just goes to show the power this iconic character really has; it’d be nice if the guys at DC could remember that more often.

By the way, these two issues aren’t the only time Diana has been featured on the cover of Ms. — here is the original cover, along with a couple of more appearances she’s made over the years:

Wonder Woman’s first appearance on the first full issue of Ms. (July 1972)


Diana returned for the July/August issue in 1997 (courtesy of George Perez, maybe?).


Until this year, Wonder Woman last graced Ms. magazine in 2007. (Mosaics are Greek, right?)

LOOKING FOR ME? (Oh, no? Oh … sorry … Whirr, whirr, whirr)

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What am I thankful for on this day of reflection and gratitude? I’m thankful for my wife Sandy, my family, friends, a life that allows me to pursue creativity … and random appearances by Robocop in the middle of a Marvel Universe throwdown.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is due to open in less than a month (Dec. 14, to be specific), and I am getting more and more excited. (No, I don’t know why the series was inexplicably stretched to three movies instead of two). The Lord of the Rings novels — of which The Hobbit is the prelude — was the first trilogy I read and is still among my favorite books of any genre. And with the first movie coming up, I’m thinking it’s time to revisit the book that kicks the whole thing off.

I just don’t know if my copy can take it.

Oh, my precious …

Hulking out

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Well, I completely forgot to do a Small Sundays post this week — so instead I give you something big; the Green Goliath himself, the Incredible Hulk!

This is a “life-size” statue of the Hulk that lives in the back of my local comic shop, and while you can’t tell from this photo, I did have to hold the camera over my head to take the picture. And I’m 6’1”. (Did anyone ever decide how tall the Hulk is supposed to be, definitively? Or does it just keep changing with every comic and movie? Someone get me an OHOTMU, quick!)

In the interest of scale, here’s another shot of Ol’ Green Jeans and my nephew, Pato.

In case you couldn’t tell, Hulk is Pato’s favorite.

Small Sundays: Dolomi the Dwarf

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Dwarf RPG miniature (hand-painted pewter)
Acquired: Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy (Austin, TX)

Note: This was the first mini I painted myself, and I’m still kind of proud of the finished product. It also represents one of my favorite D&D characters —  Dolomi, son of Dolor, whose skill at the forge was matched only by the power of his mighty axe.