Taking a peek behind the Steel curtain

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I came across this 13-minute-long Man of Steel featurette thanks to Newsarama, and while I still have some reservations about a grim-and-angsty Superman, I have to admit that there’s a lot to be cautiously optimistic about here.

Maybe it comes from years of reading comics and seeing the results in action, but I wince whenever I hear someone start talking about making a superhero concept “more realistic.” And there’s plenty of that in this video. But there’s also some heartening approaches discussed, particularly on the duality of Clark Kent and Superman from Kevin Costner (believe me, I was surprised, too).

As I said to my pal at The Signal Watch  just earlier today, I desperately want Man of Steel to be good. I’m hoping my doubts will be crumpled up and tossed into the sun like a Lex Luthor doomsday device. Because even though I’m still not crazy about the new costume, the flying and super-speed look great, and the whole thing certainly looks epic in scale.

Here’s hoping it’s got the heart to match.

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