Now that I think of it, ‘Remco’ would have made a great Warlord villain

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I have a question, something that has actually bothered me for years now: Did anyone, anywhere, ever own these action figures? And who comes off looking worse, Deimos or Machiste?*

Back in my youth I used to be a semi-fan of Travis Morgan and his center-of-the-Earth adventures as the Warlord of Skartaris, but even I never thought it was something that could support a toy line. As best as I can figure, the Warlord toys were a half-hearted bid by DC and Remco to cash in on that sweet Masters of the Universe moolah. (Though that might’ve been half-hearted since it was coming a couple of years later into the path of the MOTU juggernaut.)

I even kinda wonder if these were remaindered MOTU figures – doesn’t that constipated muscle-man design look familiar? All in all, these toys look pretty mock-worthy and I doubt I would’ve wanted them at the time.

Of course, now I want them bad.

*Trick question – it’s a tie.