Countdown to Halloween: Karen? Karen?! Oh … poor baby …

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The big day is only a little more than a week away and I’ve still got a chunky list of movies that I just can’t bear to abandon. They’re like my babies! So to get these cinematic hellspawn into good homes, we’ll be doubling up on the clips from here on out.

First up, a true classic. I never, never get tired of Night of the Living Dead, a film that invented not just a genre, but an entire modern mythology. Here are some quick observations:

• Oh man, do I hate this bald guy. I can’t think of more fitting end for this prick and I’m glad he gets it. MAN, do I hate this guy!
• On the other hand, Ben (played by Duane Jones) doesn’t get nearly the credit he should for being the first zombie-killin’ bad-ass.
• This is definitely the first (and maybe the only?) instance I can think of where you see a zombie using a tool. I’m kind of glad it didn’t become a regular aspect of zombie-hood, but I think it’s interesting anyway.

And now a modern classic, this one from the mostly abandoned comedic-horror alien invasion catergory. I give you Nathan Fillion in 2006’s Slither.

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