Countdown to Halloween: Scalpel …

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If you can get Billy Idol’s crooning out of your head long enough, you’d find 1960’s Eyes Without a Face to be a moody and surprisingly disquieting kind of movie.

Say what you want about the French (je t’aime, France), but they know how to make some weird movies. Even their mainstream films tend to be off-kilter and it’s not unusual for comedies to have a body count. It’s a tradition and style of filmmaking that goes way back, and watching this clip it’s obvious director Georges Franju had a firm grip on style and horror in equal parts.

In Eyes Without a Face, a doctor’s daughter is disfigured in a car accident, badly enough that Dad tells her she needs to wear a mask from now on. Soon enough, Dr. Génessier decides he’s going to restore his daughter Christiane’s face by pioneering the field of face transplants. He also decides he’ll find his own donors — whether they’re willing or not.

It’s creepy and atmospheric and considering it was 1960 it’s not surprising that this movie made people go nuts, with half of the audience lauding it and the other half wanting to tar and feather it. This scene alone probably had people swooning in the aisles.

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  1. 1 Sandy said at 8:46 pm on October 15th, 2011:

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    Aaagggh, scary! The French and their movies, man … Like I know La Jetée is technically a science fiction movie, but god, the concepts are out there! OUT THERE!!!

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