Cover to Cover: Come Be with Me

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One of my favorite things to do is prowl used book stores (something that’s getting harder to do here in Austin — another one just closed!). And in between infinite copies of The Shack and endless piles of Harlequin Romance, there is occasionally a gem, something so unexpected it brushes gently alongside the poetic.

But really, I should let a master’s work speak for itself. I give you the verse of … Leonard Nimoy.


Rocket ships

Are exciting

But so are roses

On a birthday


Computers are exciting

But so is a sunset


And logic

Will never replace



Sometimes I wonder

Where I belong

In the future


In the past



I guess I’m just

An old-fashioned



You’re right, Mr. Nimoy — with poetry like that, who needs to design something for the back cover? Who could see through tear-and-wonder filled eyes?! Just sign that sucker and move on; it belongs to the ages, now.

Come Be with Me
Poem: “Rocket Ships”
Cover design: SandPiper Studios, Inc.
1979 edition (Blue Mountain Press)

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