Four more years! Four more years!

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Happy President’s Day, everyone! Gosh, I can remember the day it finally happened, when someone — in spite of the burden of history and a society that wanted only to see an unfairly perpetuated stereotype — finally reached this country’s highest office through sheer force of will and personality. At last, the United States would be taking an important step forward toward an era of reason, lifting everyone up even in the face of those who would look down on us from high above.

I’m talking, of course, about Lex Luthor.


As president Luthor rebuilt earthquake- (and vigilante-) torn Gotham in six months, and coordinated the counter-offensive against the alien Imperiex. The fact that he was forced from office after only three years by a gang of so-called “heroes” on trumped-up charges should only give more impetus to putting Lex back in the White House!

After all, don’t we all remember that historic and jubilant night when the polls closed and it became official? Can you remember the hope, the joy that washed over this country when the election results were announced?


Damn liberal media.

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