It’s Kalimánday! Meanwhile, night falls in the desert …

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In my previous Kalimán post I mentioned that our mystical hero’s first comic book story was “Los Profanadores de Tumbas,” which prosaically translates to “The Grave Robbers” but more excitingly to “The Defilers of the Tombs.” I think we’ll go with the “Defilers” title. I also mentioned how, early in that adventure, Kalimán uses his powers of hypnosis to put the kibosh on a cobra.

You didn’t think I was going to just let that go, did you?

Up to this point in the story, Kalimán has run afoul of some renegade Bedouins in the desert, but scares them off by using a convenient solar eclipse to make them think the sun god Ra has sent them a bad omen. Now on his way to what is probably Cairo (it’s never actually specified — weird), Kalimán fluffs up a sand dune and calls it a night. But a wandering cobra has other plans …


Panel 1: Far from there, Kalimán  sleeps in the desert while a cobra slithers toward him.
Panel 2: His fine hearing let’s him perceive the slithering of the reptile, a little late perhaps.
Panel 3: Any movement could cost him his life.
Panel 4: And his powerful gaze stabs into that of the cobra.
Panel 5: The hated enemy starts to become paralyzed.
Panel 6: (Caption) And then he takes her by the neck.
Kalimán: Now that you’re hypnotized, I’ll finish you!
Panel 7: (Kalimán) Thanks to my hypnotic power, I am alive!

Man! I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was to resist putting exclamation points all over this translation! Exclamation points!!!

From Kalimán: El Hombre Increíble #1
“Los Profanadores de Tumbas”

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