Movie Club: Like Oscar and Felix, but with meteorites

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Way back in 1985, cinema gave a hungry public a celluloid feast it didn’t even know it wanted, a movie that served up a buddy movie on a platter of sci-fi warfare and, inexplicably, threw in a dash of Odd Couple-style romantic comedy.

And you know what that tortured string of metaphor means:

Enemy Mine

Starring Dennis Quaid as a human fighter pilot and Louis Gossett, Jr., as his lizardly Drac counterpart, Enemy Mine tells the story of two combatants in an interstellar war who end up stranded on a hostile world together. Will they kill each other, or learn to survive by depending on one another? And does someone really end up getting knocked up before it’s over?

I ain’t telling, but as the original tagline teased: “Enemies because they were taught to be. Allies because they had to be. Brothers because they dared to be.”

Awwwwww, yeah! Enemy Mine is available on Netflix DVD and streaming, so put on your alien bug-shell hat and let’s do this.

Now showing: Enemy Mine (1985)

Due date: Tuesday, February 1

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