Spider-Man vs the Blue Plate Special

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Yes, I know my camera phone sucks.


When I was a kid, I had four favorite superheroes — Superman, the Hulk, Flash and, naturally, Spider-Man. I can’t remember when exactly I was introduced to Peter Parker and his stringy, springy alter-ego, but I know he was everywhere, and I absorbed it all. From the iconic cartoon (and its mind-blowing theme song) and his silent appearances on The Electric Company, to the infamous live-action show and his animated adventures with some Amazing Friends, Spider-Man was a web-slinging constant in my life.

A lot of people make a point of pegging Spider-Man as one of the first comic book characters with a “real life,” and rightfully so. Part of the reason Peter was relatable to so many readers was his being a picked-upon nerd, having a touch-and-go love life, and very often wondering how he was going to make rent that month. Minus the proportionate strength of a spider, we’ve all been there.

But that’s never been the most appealing aspect of Spider-Man to me. As a shy kid who had trouble talking to people, I most admired how funny Spider-Man could be once he put on the mask, how much fun he was having beating up the bad guys and cracking wise. Sure, tragedy was a big part of what made the title legendary, but for my money Peter’s ability to overcome that tragedy with optimism and humor is what made him human. That humanity made Spidey the best kind of hero.

And if was still I kid, I would have gone Rhino on someone to get that Spider-Man balloon.

Found in the entryway of The Frisco Shop (Austin, TX)

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2 Comments on “Spider-Man vs the Blue Plate Special”

  1. 1 Elkins said at 4:42 am on March 22nd, 2012:

    A while back, my wife was telling me that one of the kids in her after school program was singing the Spider-Man theme. Though, he did not now any of the lyrics except: “Spider-Man, Spider-Man.” Also, he was singing this in the bathroom.

  2. 2 jon briggs said at 10:34 am on March 22nd, 2012:

    I was always more of a Batman kid, but yea, Spider-Man’s wisecracks always made me laugh. Guy was awesome with a comeback.

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