In the great hall of the Justice League …

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Usually, the covers of the Austin Chronicle aren’t anything to get excited about. Every now and then the weekly alternative newspaper will have an illustration interesting enough to catch the eye, but more often than not readers can expect a static shot of an artist, local politician or members of a band sitting (sometimes standing) and staring out from the rack.

The latest issue was a different story.


Obviously, I love this cover.

Not only does it feature the classic Super Friends lineup, but does it in a way that shows artist Jason Stout understands these characters well enough to have fun with them. I really dig Clark Kent making an appearance, and how bad-ass does Wonder Woman look? I would camp out overnight to see that band. And for whatever reason, Robin looks totally natural in a tutu.

(Honestly, I have no idea why Batman is more of a Fatman, but I’ll bet no one knows their way around a lobster like Aquaman.)

Mostly, I appreciate Stout’s attention to detail. Not only is the tone of the illustration right on, but so is the tweaked DC Bullet and re-purposed Comics Code Authority badge. And I just noticed — Wonder Woman’s guitar is plugged into her golden lasso! Almost every element of this image deserves a second look, and that’s basically the definition of an effective illustration.

If you like what Stout’s done here, be sure to check out more examples of his work at his website (I’d kill to get a copy of The Birders).