Max’s Top 10 List of Best Lists of 2014

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Ahem …

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Keep on truckin’

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So, this  comic book blog has been pretty short on comic booky content lately (and it’s about to happen again), but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and things should be back on track soon.

(I swear I didn’t do that last part on purpose.)

I also hate to see the Post going dormant for so long, so I just wanted to give you an update on what’s happening here at ol’ Rancho Maxo. The boxes are packed (mostly), the truck is loaded and on Wednesday we begin the three-day drive from Austin to Delaware, where I’ve never been and where I’ll be moving to for at least the next few years. Adventure!

Speaking of which, does anyone have any tips for driving through Tennessee? So far all my wife and I have been able to come up with is plastering the car with Confederate flag stickers, blasting “Sweet Home Alabama” and driving like hell.

Speaking of speaking of things, I’ll also be trying to spot-blog about the trip on Twitter as much as endurance, time and wi-fi connections will allow. Follow along, why don’cha? I’m almost positive I’m going to insist on being called “Snowman,” so it should be fun.

And seriously, I’ll be talking about comics again very soon.

No, seriously.