I have no dog and I must squeak

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My wife and I have a couple of cats who we’ve been lucky enough to have with us for 18 years. (Hello, Pancho and Rizzo! If you’re reading this it means you’re sitting on my keyboard!) Since they’re elderly cats they have special needs, we make regular trips to the big pet store that carries their medicated food. Which is the long way of saying we discovered this pet store is now carrying comic character-themed stuff and ohmigod you guys I WANTS IT SO BAD.

A lot of it are teeny-tiny shirts and sweaters for dogs (and I guess cats, if you’re feeling suicidal), with Captain America’s shield or Batman’s logo emblazoned on the back. But for once DC seems to have gotten the jump on the Marvel marketing maching and has also licensed fuzzy chew toys, in different sizes, of Superman, Supergirl, Batman, and Robin. They are frankly awesome and I’m dying to go back and get the Supergirl.

Because of course I already bought a Superman.

And of course he squeaks.